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Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) prioritizes forums as a pivotal means to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment. These forums serve as crucial platforms where diverse perspectives converge, enabling the cultivation of innovative ideas and problem-solving approaches. EIG recognizes the intrinsic value of gathering varied viewpoints from its team, clients, stakeholders, and industry experts.


By hosting forums, we actively encourage open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of insights. These engagements promote a deeper understanding of complex challenges within the infrastructure sector and pave the way for the development of sustainable and socially responsible solutions. EIG firmly believes that these forums enrich strategies and contribute positively  by advocating for equitable and progressive infrastructure development.

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NOVEMBER 9, 2023

Transportation-Related Infrastructure Investment

SERIES KICK-OFF: Timely discussion on Transportation-Related Place-based Infrastructure Investment, Funding, Procurement, and the long-awaited kick-off series on Equitable Transportation


  • Overview of Place-Based Transportation Related Investments, Critical Transportation Initiatives

  • National Transportation Funding and Key Priorities, including sources of funding for equitable transportation projects

NOVEMBER 2, 2023

Infrastructure Live Webinar, New York

Infrastructure Live, New York - The New York Infrastructure Live Webinar covered three (3) transformative New York developments, the Hudson Tunnel Project, Willets Point, and JFK. Infrastructure Live shares timely information on the projects, timelines, opportunities, and policies on November 2, 2023. 


  • Project Scope

  • Timeframes

  • Infrastructure and Transportation Impact

  • Business Opportunities and Procurement

  • Equity

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LOGOs L. Charlie Oliver.jpg

OCTOBER 26, 2023

Infrastructure Live Webinar, Maryland

Infrastructure Live Webinar, Maryland - Baltimore|Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Frederick Douglass Tunnel, Baltimore Peninsula, Purple Line Transit Oriented Development



  • Project Scope

  • Timeframes

  • Infrastructure and Transportation Impact

  • Business Opportunities and Procurement Equity

OCTOBER 12, 2023

The Scalability of Place-Based Investments

PBI's historic use as an equity-generating tool by government agencies, developers, community stakeholders, and public-private partnerships left much on the table.


  • Overview of Place-based Real Estate Investments 

  • Factors Influencing PBI Scalability and Monitoring

  • Strategies for Enhancing PBI Scalability

  • Challenges and Mitigation Strategies

  • Q&A Session (interactive)

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

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Infrastructure Live, National IIJA Mega Development, Transportation, Energy and Partnerships

The Economic Acts are leaving their mark on every sector in the US, and the priorities are Energy and Transportation, which impact mega development and affordable housing projects.

The Discussion: The Projects, Equity Opportunities, Player Imprint

  • Projects Underway and How to Access Them

  • Transit Oriented Opportunities for Small businesses and MWBEs

  • The Push and Advancement of Equitable and Resilient Transportation Infrastructure Initiatives


Special Presentation: Overview of Small, Medium, and Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises - priorities and incentives. Energy and transportation infrastructure are powerful components for economic growth and are one of the most transformative avenues to equity.

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