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Intelligence and Advisory
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Infrastructure, which was simply public works in the past, is profoundly strategic. This $21 trillion global market has a long tail reaching deep into the future.

EIG|P assists with resource matching; each market has different resources to advance businesses and sectors.​ Often these incentives and resources make all the difference in the ability to leverage a firm's full potential.​

Affordable Housing and Land Use & Development

Multiple policies are seeking to address the affordable housing shortage and equity issue. These policies include incentives for developers and general contractors to produce more affordable housing and programs to establish unique, compact housing. 

EIG|P monitors the policies, incentives, and players. We also provide platforms for collaboration and stakeholder education.

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Image by Christopher Ryan

Legislative & Public Affairs

EIG|P monitors legislation and agency rule-making impacting specific sectors. 

As part of our approach, EIG|P informs of timely political issues of the day, which is critical as staying abreast of the ever-changing political priorities. 

Capital & Mega Development

EIG|P's team of professionals wield experience in planning, analysis, execution, and reporting on large capital programs and mega-developments nationally: and public-private partnership experience, regulatory expertise, fund structuring, and procurement negotiations.

Construction Workers at the Site
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Energy, Environment & Resiliency

Compared to fossil fuels investment, the rise in investments in clean and renewable energy - is primarily due to IIJA and IRA (the Acts). We monitor legislation, funding, and projects.


Our collaboration with Green Building Worldwide is essential to our success.

Small Business & Minority Owned Firms

Importantly, Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P) includes Small Businesses and MWBEs in the highest level of conversation and research.

We realized early on that working in partnership with small businesses and Minority-Owned Firms is also essential.

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