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Equitable Infrastructure Group is committed to providing access to connections and data for many reasons.  In today's interconnected world, access to reliable data and connections forms the backbone of progress and innovation.  The company empowers businesses, communities, and individuals to thrive by facilitating this access.  Equitable Infrastructure Group understands that seamless access to data fosters collaboration fuels growth, and drives efficiency across various sectors.  We recognize that enabling connectivity creates opportunities, bridges gaps, and levels the playing field.  Through our dedication to providing accessible infrastructure and data, Equitable Infrastructure Group plays a pivotal role in advancing inclusivity, driving economic development, and fostering a more connected, empowered society. Fueled by our in-depth proprietary research and predictive approach, EIG|P is the first to report on the new movement in strategic sectors and markets globally. 

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2024 Standard Access | $1,999

  • Notice of select invitation-only events and strategic initiatives

  • One complimentary webinar and 25 percent discount on Infrastructure Live webinars

  • Quarterly Opportunity Briefing (One State) 

  • 15 Minute One on One 

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2024 Expansion Access | $3,999

Receive Standard Access benefits plus:

  • Attendance during Annual Collaborators Meeting

  • Access to Sector-related research reports (2 sectors)

  • Access to Leadership Development Portal

  • Two Customized Half Hour Opportunity "Check-Ins" per year 

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2024 Partner Access | $5,999

Receive Expansion Access benefits plus:

  • Targeted Project & Equity Alerts (National)

  • Attendance during Annual Partners Meeting

  • Access to Sector-related research reports (4 sectors)

  • Access to Connect Portal

  • One Hour Opportunity Consultation 

Why the Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners:

  • EIG|P has traversed over $870 billion in infrastructure and development projects in 2023 alone,

  • Historically, consulting firms have come to us to learn about the infrastructure plan and how to advance in markets and industries,

  • Our strategic connections benefit from research and targeted opportunities,

  • EIG|P has three (3) distinct tiers

  • The Benefits of three (3) distinct tiers: 

  • Stay informed of what impacts you and your industry

  • Evaluate metrics based on our proprietary primary and secondary research needs

  • Receive updates on policy and legislative initiatives affecting you

  • Critical communication through timely alerts based on your needs

  • If you still have questions, email us at

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