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A Decade of Proprietary Research

The Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P) is a private organization promoting fair and resilient infrastructure for the public good. Our main goal is to foster meaningful discussions and take action to ensure the delivery of infrastructure that is both equitable and resilient. We aim to play a significant role as a catalyst in the planning and executing of such infrastructure projects.

EIG|P actively monitors policy changes, market trends, and ongoing projects to advance our local, national, and global mission. 


Established in 2017, our group utilizes more than a decade of exclusive research. This research allows us to closely monitor the key players, projects, and policies within infrastructure development zones, forming the bedrock of our initiatives. Through our efforts, we have contributed to creating national strategies, influencing the trajectory of over $870 billion in infrastructure investments in 2023 alone.


Today, EIG|P is deemed the number one source advancing equity in infrastructure and an indispensable depository of information.

Our Expertise

EIG|P brings over forty years of experience leading national initiatives that empower and mobilize business and multiple sector stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

'Systemic inaction in place of pursuing equity in infrastructure can no longer be a leadership option passively deliberated by the uninterested or unprepared. Pointedly, sustainable equity must be the only indicator of leadership worthy of political and economic advancement.' L. Charlie Oliver

Our Commitment to Results

The EIG|P work examines - Who impacts policy? Who sets policy? Who is affected by policy? Are those impacted aware of what is at stake? How do we ensure equitable planning and allocation?

Our Experience

EIG|P is a private entity formed for the public good. Our mission is to remain the number one source in identifying and counteracting systemic inequity in infrastructure planning and delivery.

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Our Senior Team

The Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P) team consists of industry analysts from around the globe. Our passionate staff and commitment to the sectors we serve drive us to innovate, educate, and create positive change. EIG|P tracks the metrics which matter and delivers the solutions.

There are thirty-nine international analysts and seven (7) strategic metrics supporting five (5) strategic initiatives.

L. Charlie Oliver

Chair and Founder

Ms. Oliver establishes the strategic planning, partnering, and national policy vision for Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P).

Phone: 212-381-1960, EXT. 707

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Chadwick Oliver

SVP, Research and Development

Mr. Oliver oversees analysts and EIG|P's qualitative and quantitative research departments.  Chad's department informs the firm's strategic initiatives.

Phone: 212-381-1960, EXT. 727

Robert Zimmerman

Director, Stakeholder Engagement

Mr. Zimmerman assists EIG|P's Founder with special projects nationally.  Projects include stakeholder engagement and development.

Phone: 212-381-1960, EXT. 722

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