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L. Charlie Oliver, Chair of the Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners and CEO of Green Building Worldwide, led EIG|P's charge to traverse over $790 billion in infrastructure in 2022. Charlie also led EIG|P, which crossed over $870 billion in 2023.

Charlie was born to a long legacy of social activists, pioneers, and change-makers who were unafraid to pave the way and lend their voices for economic and social change. The insight gained contributes significantly to EIG's strategic and proprietary research.

Charlie is a recurring speaker before the World Economic Forum, the Global Power and Energy BlockChain Conference, and the Equity Forum. In recognition of her ability to lead and collaborate, she has also chaired the Economic Development Committee of the NYC Empowerment Zone and served as a legislative consultant to private development firms and national Chambers of Commerce. She has held executive positions with American Express, Ogilvy, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and ABC. 

She has served on the board of the Nick Bollettieri Foundation, the New York City Housing Authority (LaGuardia Houses), Central Park Conservancy (Harlem Meer), and the NAACP. Charlie has gained rarified wisdom under the political and economic development tutelage of some of the world's most prolific leaders. Her leadership with EIG and GBW has led to a wealth of research and over 300 public forums on zonings and master plans, as well as DEI. 

The Team: Equitable Infrastructure Group | Partners

The Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P) team consists of industry analysts from around the globe. Our passionate staff and commitment to the sectors we serve drive us to innovate, educate, and create positive change. EIG tracks the metrics that matter and delivers the solutions.

Our policy and market intelligence identify the most relevant issues and opportunities arising from them. The key is our work to alleviate the closed-door climate in vital corridors throughout the nation by developing strategies that empower all stakeholders to make a change.​

The most robust cross-sector partnerships flourish when we engage in constructive dialogue and deliverable solutions. Collaborative solutions, in which we all play our role, hold the key to meaningful and lasting progress.

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